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PubChem is the world''s largest collection of freely accessible chemical information. Search chemicals by name, molecular formula, structure, and other identifiers. Find chemical and physical properties, biological activities, safety and toxicity information, patents, literature citations and more.

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 · SciFinder. CAS has added experimental spectra for over 700,000 compounds in the Registry database. IR, MS and NMR spectra are from Wiley spectral databases and the Japanese SDBS database, plus ~75,000 experimental 13C and 1H NMR spectra from BioRad-Sadtler. In addition, there are millions of predicted proton and 13C NMR spectra from ACD Labs.

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ChEMBL Database

A manually curated database of bioactive molecules with drug-like properties


Specifies the triggering statements for simple_dml_trigger or compound_dml_trigger. The database fires the trigger in the existing user transaction. DELETE. Causes the database to fire the trigger whenever a DELETE statement removes a row from table or the table on which view is defined.

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crushers backing material. Crusher Backing Compound Crusher Backing Pour at one place and allow backing material to fill the cavity and push out the air in front of it Use dam tin cardboard or clay etc to direct the flow when necessary until full Unmixed resin different color clinging to the sides and bottom should not be drained into the crusher.

About PubChem

About PubChem. For latest announcements, please visit the PubChem News page. PubChem is an open chemistry database at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). "Open" means that you can put your scientific data in PubChem and that others may use it. Since the launch in 2004, PubChem has become a key chemical information resource for ...

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PubChem Substance and Compound databases

The Substance database contains chemical information deposited by individual data contributors to PubChem, and the Compound database stores unique chemical structures extracted from the Substance database. Biological activity data of chemical substances tested in assay experiments are contained in the BioAssay database.

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1 History 2 See Also 3 Links and References 3.1 Footnotes The Horde Crusher is a special made staff created by Arnim Zola, but was stolen by his son and current wielder Nomad, after he escaped from Dimension Z. Nomad then traveled with the Horde Crusher to Earth in search for his adopted father, Steve Rogers.1 14 appearance(s) of Horde Crusher 3 minor appearance(s) of Horde Crusher 16 …

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BR WASTE CODE LOOKUP. This is a look up table for BR Waste Code. Use this table to look up a "Waste Code" value to be entered for Waste Code on the BR Search Form. Click on the "Return" button to return to the BR Search Form. Waste Code. Waste Description. D001. IGNITABLE WASTE. D002.

FoodData Central

FoodData Central takes the analysis, compilation, and presentation of nutrient and food component data to a new level. FoodData Central: Can be used by, and has benefits for, a variety of users, including researchers, policy makers, academicians and educators, nutrition and health professionals, product developers, and others.

AQUASOL database of Aqueous Solubility

AQUASOL database of Aqueous Solubility. The sixth edition of the AQUASOL database of Aqueous Solubility contains almost twenty thousand solubility records for almost six thousand compounds. These data were extracted from over eighteen hundred scientific references. They include solubility data for a very wide variety of compounds, including ...

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 · The top weight training exercises with illustrations, form instruction and best muscle building techniques. Learn to train for maximum muscle growth


NCBI''s Chemical resources include catalogs and tools for bioactivity screening studies and a repository of chemical information, as well as a database of molecular pathways that provides links to relevant records in companion databases for participating compounds, proteins and genes.

ICDD Database Search

The Powder Diffraction FileTM (PDF®) Search allows you to search using chemical name, formula, and elements to suggest which ICDD database product is right for you.*. * The Powder Diffraction FileTM (PDF®) Search serves as a guide for database product selection. For more information, please contact ICDD sales at [email protected] .

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Compound (migrant labour) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Compounds at Kimberley. An earlier form of compound developed in South Africa in response to copper mining in Namaqualand in the 1850s. However, the systems of ...

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Full BindingDB Database Dump. ( 624.08 MB, updated 2021-03-29) Purchasable Compounds by Target. For each Target, this file (purchase_target_10000.tsv: 4.39 MB, updated 2019-08-12) lists all purchasable compounds we know of having affinity better than 10 uM, along with catalog links and pricing. Targets with no compounds ...

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 · How to Use a Marijuana Grinder. Step 1: Take off the top lid. Use your fingers to break bigger buds up and place them in between the grinder''s teeth. Don''t bother putting any bud in …

Standard Reference Data | NIST

New Database. NIST produces the Nation''s Standard Reference Data (SRD). These data are assessed by experts and are trustworthy such that people can use the data with confidence and base significant decisions on the data. NIST provides 49 free SRD databases and 41 fee-based SRD databases. SRD must be compliant with rigorous critical evaluation ...

SuperNatural Database V2

Super Natural II, a database of natural products. It contains 325,508 natural compounds (NCs), including information about the corresponding 2d structures, physicochemical properties, predicted toxicity class and potential vendors. Natural products are small compounds synthesized by living organisms. The chemical diversity of these molecules is ...

Distributed Structure-Searchable Toxicity (DSSTox) Database

Distributed Structure-Searchable Toxicity (DSSTox) Database. DSSTox provides a high quality public chemistry resource for supporting improved predictive toxicology. A distinguishing feature of this effort is the accurate mapping of bioassay and physicochemical property data associated with chemical substances to their corresponding chemical ...

ChemSpider | Search and share chemistry

ChemSpider is a free chemical structure database providing fast access to over 100 million structures, properties and associated information.

PubChem Search

PubChem Search

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Stanford Coronavirus Antiviral & Resistance Database

 · Stanford Coronavirus Antiviral &amps; Resistance Database is an online database of compounds with proven or potential anti-COVID-19 activity. The compounds include targeted anti-virals, repurposed drugs, investigational agents and other compounds that inhibit virus replication. The data come from published biochemical, cellular, small animal, nonhuman primate and human clinical …

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A Fluorescent Lamp Crusher / Compactor is a lamp crushing machine that processes, or crushes, spent fluorescent lamps into small fragments. The crushed glass is compacted into 55-gallon containers. Over 1350 T8 4'' lamps can be crushed into one 55-gallon drum.

Chemistry | NIST

 · NIST Electron Inelastic-Mean-Free-Path Database. This database provides values of electron-inelastic mean free paths for elements, inorganic compounds, and organic compounds that are used in quantitative surface analyses by Auger-electron spectroscopy and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. Read More. SRD 73.

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Goblin Leader Card - Class: Card Compounds On: Weapon Weight: 1 Increases physical damage on Goblins by 30%.

Department of Pesticide Regulation Databases

Product/Label Database. Look up registered pesticide products. Pesticide Data Index. Search more than 222,000 studies. Pesticide Registrant Companies. Search for pesticide registrant/chemical company names, numbers, or addresses. VOC Emissions Calculator. Calculate volatile organic compound emissions from agricultural applications of ...

mzCloud – Advanced Mass Spectral Database

mzCloud is a novel type of mass spectral database that is able to assist analysts in identifying compounds even when they are not present in the library. mzCIoud features a freely searchable collection of high resolution/accurate mass spectra using a new third generation spectra correlation algorithm. mzCIoud also represents an open consortium of dedicated research and scientific groups …

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Paraquat | C12H14N2+2

Paraquat was not metabolized by rats. After oral administration (gastric intubation) of single doses of paraquat dichloride or dimethylsulfate to Wistar strain male and rats, most of the administered radioactivity (69-96%) was excreted in feces as unchanged paraquat. After subcutaneous injection of these compounds, unchanged paraquat appeared mostly in urine (73-96% of the administered ...

Forensic Toxicology PCDL for LC/TOF and LC/Q-TOF | Agilent

The Agilent Forensic Toxicology Personal Compound Database and Library (PCDL) for TOF or Q-TOF LC/MS systems contains a curated accurate-mass database with over 9,200 compounds and accurate-mass MS/MS spectra for more than 3,900 compounds. Detailed acquisition method setup information allows for fast ramp-up to full productivity.